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St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

Ensuring Success. Providing Opportunity. Fostering Stewardship.

This week's Gospel reading reminds us that Christ looks after those who follow him; "Jesus, the Good Shepherd, will not allow anyone to snatch from his care the sheep the Father has given him." John 10: 27-30

Year 6 Production videos


Welcome to the 60s...

Watch the trailer to give yourselves an idea of what the show is like!



For those of you wanting a main role, choose one of the songs below to learn. The first of each song is this the vocals for you to sing along to, followed by the track you'll be auditioning with which has no vocals, and then the final video for each song gives you an idea of how it could be performed...


The audition script is below the trailer. Choose ONE of the scenes and pick the character's part you would like to read. Practise your lines (we will read for the other characters in the scene) so that you are confident in the audition. Good luck! 


Hairspray Trailer!

Hairspray Audition Script

The Nicest Kids in Town (Complete Tracks with Guide Vocals)

The Nicest Kids in Town (Accompaniment Backing Tracks)

The Nicest Kids in Town - Hairspray (Movie Clip)

I Can Hear the Bells (Complete Tracks with Guide Vocals)

I Can Hear the Bells (Accompaniment Backing Tracks)

"I Can Hear The Bells" from Berklee MTC's Hairspray


[You're] Timeless to Me (Guide Vocals)

[You're] Timeless to Me Accompaniment

You are Timeless to Me - Hairspray UK Tour - Michael Ball & Micky Dolenz

I Know Where I've Been (Complete Tracks with Guide Vocals)

I Know Where I've Been (Accompaniment Backing Tracks)

I Know Where I've Been - Hairspray UK Tour