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Open Morning for prospective parents (Reception children September 2022): Wednesday 13th October 2021, 9:30 - 11:30am. No need to book; just turn up!

Home Learning Week Beginning January 11th

Hello all


So as we head in to week two of home learning I though it was important to share something we shared on class dojo with you all …


Year 5 and 6 I thought it be useful as a lot of the messages me and the team have received have been about the amount of work, upset children or not feeling good enough. FIRST OF ALL YOU ARE ALL GOOD ENOUGH!!!

I just want to start by sharing my thoughts on home learning with families. As a parent, I have to say that I feel quite overwhelmed with the responsibility of having to support my daughter with her learning at home. I am very grateful for the range and variety of activities and resources available from school, but goodness it is not easy working with our children when all they understandably see us as is Mummy or Daddy. I can teach 93 year 5 and 6 happily over one Poppy and a Maximoo tugging at my feet.

I’ve had joy to resistance, excitement to refusal, pride to frustration and that was all during phonics lol! 🙈

All I’m saying is I can relate to the difficulties parents are dealing with for home teaching. I am teaching in school in the morning, then coming home to try and teach Poppy and help all of you lovely amazing lot with your work and questions. Remember no question is silly and every question, message and work matters to us as we care about you all.

I commend every family for their efforts, motivation and drive to support their children in any way they can.

Teachers at school are working so incredibly hard to provide as much subject support for our classes but we know that the next weeks are not going to be easy for us all. It will be an emotional rollercoaster for parents, teachers and most importantly our children.

Perhaps we could share advice or tips for home learning as parents?
There is no right or wrong approach to the methods and approaches to supporting their learning at home but suggestions will be very well received! I know as a mom I’ll be very happy to hear some tips on managing this all!

So, tips I can give from my experience so far for my daughter in year 1….

Make a plan with them that they feel part of.

Factor in down time and work time. On Thursday we work in the mornings as I am home and then the other days she works in the afternoon.

I'm trying and encouraging mummy time where she knows she needs to try and be independent.

I tried not to push her too much when she was getting upset as battling is no fun for anyone.

We are trying to get a little fresh air each day…. As parents we know what the children are like inside all day on wet play and it’s the same for our children at home lol everything seems better after a little fresh air lol.

I am trying to be savy where I get her reading in with her reading to maximoo at bedtime.
We must remember there is always a little later or even tomorrow to try that one again and if all else fails in the evening there is always mummy juice!!!

So there you go- just some honest thoughts from my lockdown home to yours. Please feel free to share any tips as I wrote earlier. We know many of you are also balancing work and teaching, we know some families have more than one child and we know that this is quite a crazy chapter in our lives- but we are going to get through it together! ❤️

We do not want any child or parent to feel pressured or pushed with any of this- please know we are on your side.

Love Mrs T and team


We know that each week we will be growing together and encouraging each other more and was so helpful to have all your feedback this week so hopefully you see changes to the way we have organised, planned and done things. We always love feedback as  we are always striving to give our children the best learning experience possible.


Below you will find everything you need for this week and it is important to say that YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRINT EVERYTHING OR ANYTHING just make it clear in your work the lesson and task you are doing : )))))


A lot of you asked about having a timetable that would help your child to know what to work on please find this below...this is so important for those in school some days so they can come into school and not repeat things they have done already.


Good luck everyone - lookout for the video to help support lessons as well as those from Oak Academy on the plans. Remember we are here for anything and everything.


Love Mrs T and team xx


Year 5 and 6 Spelling