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St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

Ensuring Success. Providing Opportunity. Fostering Stewardship.

School Values

The mission statement of St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School is to educate and inspire every child to fulfil their unique giftedness within a loving Catholic community.


Everything which our school does is based around three aims;


Ethos values

We believe that there are core values which every member of our school community should hold with the upmost importance. These values should be displayed in our work with others, at playtimes and in the classroom. These values influence our approach to everything we do and our attitude towards others. They are steeped in gospel teachings and reflect the kind of person Jesus was and the person he wants us to be.





Today, more than ever, we are required to be good citizens. We are therefore, proud to have St. Thomas More as our school patron and keep his words firmly as our vision; ‘The State’s good servant, but God’s first’


St. Thomas More’s is a Catholic School. Everything that we do or say is a reflection of the Gospel Values on which we are founded. This is evident in all of our policies and our actions. We respect one another, value each person as individuals and ensure that all deeds and actions reflect truth and justice.

For this reason we want children to do their best academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. We believe that we can and do achieve this through a process of partnership with school and parents/carers within the Pastoral area of Havant. It is vitally important that we work together at all stages of your child’s education.




Both the home and the school need to work together in partnership in order that your child can be the best that they can. We believe that together we will achieve our mission.


The Mission of St Thomas More’s School is to educate and inspire every child to fulfil their unique giftedness within a loving Catholic community


St Thomas More’s Catholic Primary School is a supportive learning community where:


  • prayer and worship are at the heart of daily life
  • home, school and church work together as God’s loving family to motivate and challenge
  • individual differences are recognised, respected and valued, and responsibility is encouraged
  • all are empowered to learn through living out the teachings of Jesus in a spirit of love, care, fun and friendship.

Catholic Social Teaching


At St Thomas More's we are dedicated to promoting Catholic Social Teaching, the principles of which are listed below.


We are very proud holders of The Romero Award which celebrates the work which schools do and challenges them to travel further along the road to creating a society where these principles are lived out daily and where equity is strived for more than equality.