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St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

Ensuring Success. Providing Opportunity. Fostering Stewardship.

Open Morning for prospective parents (Reception children September 2022): Wednesday 13th October 2021, 9:30 - 11:30am. No need to book; just turn up!

Week beginning 11th January 2021

I heard some very wise words today from Miss Cryer today and I wanted to share them with you.

"I just want to start by sharing my thoughts on home learning with families. As a parent, I have to say that I feel quite overwhelmed with the responsibility of having to support my daughter with her learning at home. I am very grateful for the range and variety of activities and resources available from school, but goodness it is not easy working with our children when all they understandably see us as is Mummy or Daddy.

I’ve had joy to resistance, excitement to refusal, pride to frustration and that was all during phonics lol! ðŸ™ˆ
All I’m saying is I can relate to the difficulties parents are dealing with for home teaching.
I commend every family for their efforts, motivation and drive to support their children in any way they can.

Teachers at school are working so incredibly hard to provide as much subject support for our classes but we know that the next weeks are not going to be easy for us all. It will be an emotional rollercoaster for parents, teachers and most importantly our children.

Perhaps we could share advice or tips for home learning as parents?
There is no right or wrong approach to the methods and approaches to supporting their learning at home but suggestions will be very well received! I know as a mom I’ll be very happy to hear some tips on managing this all!

So, tips I can give from my experience so far (my daughter is in year R).
We made a timetable for the day which she ticked off as we went.
We chose her favourite school activities from home learning and planned them in and home activities which she loves to do (being a vet to her stuffed toys must happen after story time) lol.
I added in (mummy work time) where she knew she had to do big girl independent work while I did a little bit of work and then we would compare what we had done- lots of praise.
I tried not to push her too much when she was getting upset as battling is no fun for anyone.
We must remember there is always a little later or even tomorrow to try that one again.

So there you go- just some honest thoughts from my lockdown home to yours. Please feel free to share any tips as I wrote earlier. We know many of you are also balancing work and teaching, we know some families have more than one child and we know that this is quite a crazy chapter in our lives- but we are going to get through it together! â¤ï¸We do not want any child or parent to feel pressured or pushed with any of this- please know we are on your side.🥰🙏🥰"


I whole-heartedly agree with every word and, as a parent myself, please believe me when I say I do understand how difficult this situation is and I know every single one of us is doing our absolute best right now. I always tell the children 'all you can ever do is to try your best' and I think maybe we all need to remember that ourselves.

This week, after considering feedback from some families, I have decided to try laying out the work slightly differently on here to hopefully make it less overwhelming for everyone.

Thank you to everyone for all of your effort and hard work with the home learning last week. Please remember that your class teachers are always available to help and support you through the ClassDojo accounts.

Mrs Airey 

Timetable for learning this week

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We understand that you may not be able to complete all of this learning each day. If this is the case, then please prioritise the English and Maths learning.


There are videos to support the teaching of most of the English lessons on our Video Resource Centre on the website.

The videos to support the teaching of most of the Maths lessons are linked within each day's maths resource.

These websites could also be used during home learning.