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St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

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Open Morning for prospective parents (Reception children September 2022): Wednesday 13th October 2021, 9:30 - 11:30am. No need to book; just turn up!

Week beginning 23 March


So we are so proud of all the posts we are seeing on home learning.... remember you have so much great stuff to explore so far.


1. all tasks in home learning book

2. comprehensions

3. maths tasks- quick fire and SATS papers

4. The extra links on here

5. TT rockstars and purple mash

6. The competition for the English character challenge and maths calculation challenge.


Last day of school for your first week today. Well done!



So it's Wednesday and we know many of you have been working so hard and are being positive with the new home schooling. We are still thinking of you all regularly and thinking of more inspiring challenges for you.


So here are two more challenges for you to open or print off  for your home learning books. Both of these will be competitions which we will celebrate and reward when we welcome you all back!


English- new animals character description

Maths- How many ways challenge


File below - scroll down to  Home Learning Challenges




We hope every one had a great first day home schooling- remember just to try your best and work together, parents and children. We know these times can seem stressful so here are some more links to break up the day.


This next one is music, exercise and fun all mixed into one.. coming from Ollie Tunmer the former STOMP cast member.


Rainbow Art Challenge


Join the nation on the rainbow challenge for a bit of artwork tomorrow.


  • Pupils from across the country have shared their pictures of rainbows as they begin their first week of home schooling
  •  The viral #rainbowtrail iniative aims to spread hope and positivity, as well as giving children something to look out for on their daily walks
  • It pledges support to staying inside during the corona pandemic along with the hashtags #stayhomesavelives and #staysafestayhome


Poppy and Mrs Takacs joined the challenge today.




We hope you have all had a restful weekend. To kick start your first day of home learning we are adding a couple of links to be done alongside your home learning packs.


The first to keep the oxygen running and your amazing brains pumping is Joe Wicks LIVE PE sessions- daily at nine O'clock from the comfort of your own homes.


The second is live maths lessons with a 'guru' in Primary Maths. We use his materials regularly in Year 5/6 and he really pushes reasoning and problem solving. He will also be offering 'live' maths lessons.


Thinking of you all and more updates to follow.