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St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

Ensuring Success. Providing Opportunity. Fostering Stewardship.

Week beginning 4 May

Saturday 2nd May....


Hello everyone- last week was such a lovely week for us teachers,as we continued to receive letters, which brightened our days. We are also loving that children are getting more and more involved with class dojo! It is   such a magical platform for us to be able to celebrate what you're doing and for us to communicate as a class.


This week you will have received log ins for Bug Club and Sum dog and these are two fantastic resources to break up your learning through a fun computer program. Here we have set books and challenges for you to do and there are millions of games and things for you to explore that are all LEARNING! 


That is why this week we left out a reading challenge to give you extra time to explore Bug club and we can see what you are doing there. SumDog is also amazing for your mental arithmetic, spelling and grammar, so a little each day would be amazing and I promise you will enjoy it!


Next week, if we had been at school we would have been able to celebrate the 75th VE day together.....  we can still do this! We have attached some VE bunting for you to design and would love to see this posted outside your houses and you joining in with some of the VE home events in the photo below.


For your home learning beginning the 4th May you will have the following selection...


1. Bugclub



4. RE

5. Maths

6. Topic



Enjoy team and remember you can ask us anything on class dojo that you may be struggling with or need help with.


Stay safe- Stay you- Stay Positive.