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Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a digital classroom management tool, that we use in KS1 and KS2 at St. Thomas More’s, to establish effective communication links with parents, and as a positive behaviour management tool.

Dojo points can be rewarded for a variety of good behaviours and choices, including demonstration of our school values.  Any member of staff can award Dojo points and these are converted weekly to house points and celebrated in assembly.  In addition, classes celebrate weekly or half termly Dojo winners within their classes in their chosen ways.

Class Dojo can also be used as a supportive and effective communication tool between class teachers and parents/carers. Teachers can communicate with parents on a 1:1 messaging service or via the ‘Class Story’, where general class messages can be shared or via the ‘School Story’.


We ask that all parents, children and staff read and understand the home school agreement written below:


What will our staff do? 

  • Use Class Dojo to support the children in class, by encouraging and acknowledging their learning and positive behaviour. 
  • Share information about key dates, events and activities happening in class and within the school.
  • Send out and reply to individual messages if and when required, at a convenient time.
  • Set ‘Quiet Hours’ for 6pm to 8am Mon to Fri, all weekend and school holidays, and ideally only send, reply to or post messages outside of these times.
  • Maintain the highest professionalism and security settings at all time when using Class Dojo.
  • Inform SLT or their line manager of any messages which they are concerned about or find inappropriate.
  • Direct parents to contact the office with any messages which refer to absences, holidays, appointments and end of day collection arrangements.
  • Invite parents to make an appointment to meet to discuss any concerns that may be raised via Dojo. 
  • Invite parents to join their child's Class Dojo page when they start in their class. 


What do we expect our parents/carers to do? 

  • Check Class Dojo for messages and notifications 
  • Please appreciate staff well-being and working hours and do not expect responses to messages immediately, when teaching or during staff ‘Quiet Hours’. (Staff ‘Quiet Hours’ are Mon to Fri, 6pm to 8am, all weekend and all school holidays).
  • Contact school via the school office if the message is urgent as we cannot guarantee staff will see messages straight away.
  • Please do not use Class Dojo messaging to report absences, holidays, appointments or end of day collection arrangements. All of these things need to be notified to the office.  You may of course notify both.
  • Only post positive and supportive messages or posts.  Class Dojo should be used for general communication only.  Arrange to speak to a teacher if you have any concerns that you wish to discuss.
  • Please do not screenshot or share any content from Class Dojo on social media, other messaging services or online. 


Please note that any individual who uses Class Dojo to post abusive, defamatory, threatening or offensive comments about staff, pupils or the school will be removed from the site, either temporarily or permanently. Furthermore, any parents who are identified as copying content from Class Dojo to share on social media or online, will also be removed, as we need to protect all of our children and staff. 


If you have any questions about Class Dojo, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the class teachers.

Thank you.

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