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St Thomas More's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

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Who's Who

Who's who?



Mr J Sendall

Assistant Headteachers

Mrs S Carpenter & Mrs R Hill

Nursery Lead

Miss S Hennessy

Angelfish (YR)

Miss L Boatwright

Jellyfish (YR)

Mrs L Stock

Mars (Y1)

Mrs S Silk

Mrs N Lindley

Neptune (Y1/2)

Mrs S Carpenter & Miss T Cryer

Jupiter (Y1/2)

Mrs K Pople

Phoenix (Y3/4)

Miss T Shaw

Delphinus (Y3/4)

Miss K Whitehead

Columba (Y3/4)

Mrs A Takacs & Mrs K Bennett

Aquila (Y5/6)

Mr S Cutting

Lyra (Y5/6)

Mrs K Airey & Mrs R Hill

Orion (Y5/6)

Mrs L Weston



Additional Teaching Staff


Mrs K Bennett

Mrs D Johnston

Mrs H Pinnington

Mrs R Stather

Business Manager

Mrs A Wingfield


Mr S Harrison

Cleaning Staff

Mrs S Chalk, Mrs A Williams, Mrs H Walker,  Mrs K Walker

Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA)

Miss L Griffin

Child and Family Support Worker

Mrs R Webster

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Lunchtime Assistants

Mr S Harrison

Mrs A Baker, Mrs M Bicheno, 

Mrs S Bicheno,                     

Mrs L Church-White,

Mrs L Gauntlett, Mrs B Holmes

Mrs B McCann, Mrs R Norman

Mrs H Walker, Mrs K Walker,  

Mrs I Wingham

Nursery Staff

Ms H Dewey

Mrs D Fudge

Mrs A Hall

Mrs E Mitchell

Mrs J Cox

Admin Staff

Mrs E Livingstone

Mrs J Skerratt

Mrs S Cromey

Finance Staff

Mrs A Hall

Mrs L Feeney


Mrs E Harrison

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs L Barnden, Mrs D Benn

Mrs S Bicheno, 

Mrs M Bradshaw, Mr A Birmingham,  Mrs L Church-White, Miss E Collins,

Mrs L Gauntlett, Mrs H Gaylard

Mrs M Green,

Mrs C Jessep, Mrs A Martin, Mrs J Martin, Mrs B McCann, 

Mrs T Percival,

Mrs L Sparks, Mrs H Tyler, Mrs J Underwood

Subject Responsibilities




Miss L Griffin


Mrs K Bennett, Mrs S Carpenter


Mrs R Hill

English KS2 & MFL

Mrs L Weston


Mrs H Pinnington


Mrs L Stock


Miss K Whitehead

KS1 Eng

Miss T Shaw


Mrs K Airey


Miss L Boatwright


Mrs N Lindley


Mr S Cutting

Pupil Premium

Mrs S Silk


Mrs A Takacs


Personal Development

Mrs K Pople

Miss T Cryer











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